Welcome To CrafStory

Welcome to CrafStory, the new home for small scale makers, creatives, artists and artisans.

We’re here to tell your CrafStory – finding out about your history, what makes you tick, what difficulties you’ve had in living your best creative life and how you’ve been able to overcome them.

We will be bringing fresh content to CrafStory every week and to help us we need to hear from you about all your endeavours.

Meet Your Makers is where you’ll find the stories of the endeavours of real makers – finding out about their inspiration, their perspiration and their genius.

If you need a bit of advice for your creativity, skills or business The Stitch is the place to find all the important tips – whether it be to boost your morale or to signpost good shortcuts to success – remember a stitch in time saves nine!

Ruby will be blogging every week at Bench Press – as an amateur maker, mama to four and (until maternity leave) a full time worker – she’ll be posting thoughts on maintaining creativity, when it’s jammed between the chaos of family life, the demands of working life and what happens when inspiration outstrips skill!

Speaking of skill – Get Hooked is a place to find teachers and classes to get you started or to upskill in your chosen craft. It costs nothing to list the details of your classes with us so please, get in touch.

We also won’t charge for event listings – which you’ll find at Go To Market – a compendium of upcoming events where you can Meet Your Makers in person, supporting them with your trade.

You’ll notice there aren’t any adverts on CrafStory right now nor are there any giveaways. Right now we are a place just to give air to the good things and we want you to know our endeavours aren’t to make money or take stuff from our creatives.

We’re just here to just build something positive in the world – do you want to be a part of it?


Ruby Patrick and Louise Smith

CrafStory Editorial Team

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