On Pause: Oh The Places We Will Go

On Pause is a new series of features for CrafStory which makes suggestions for crafts and creativity for those in self-isolation, quarantine or other restriction due to COVID-19. The ideas are aimed at being something that can be done by anyone, no matter how limited their resources. Let us know if you have any ideas for future features – particularly anything that can be done without any special kit – by getting in touch here.

So I was racking my brains, consulting with the oracle (the good folk of Twitter) and thinking of ways in which people could entertain themselves, their co-quarantiners (often small people) and came up with a little idea I’m calling “Oh The Places We Will Go” – heavily inspired by the beloved Dr Seuss book Oh The Places You’ll Go.

There’s a few ways to play it but they all involve starting with a sheet of plain paper and write and colour the words “Oh The Places We Will Go!” on it – if you’d like you can nick mine here and print it off.

If you’re playing alone use it as a mood board. Find pictures in magazines of places you’d like to go to, print off internet images or make little sketches of the places you’d like to see. Concrete plans are very difficult – right now booking is an improbable risk – but this mood board can set your intentions for the future. Draw or write on who you’d like to go with. Make it look as beautiful as you can – then you’ve ready made art to brighten up your living space

Playing with friends, partners or children? Use photographs of places you have been and want to share with your beloved ones. Make a collage out of photographs of holidays past, mix in drawings and photos of places you dream of going to. Bring out souvenirs you collected from those places – touch them and talk about them. Talk about those good times as you snip and stick pictures onto your board and make your agreements to experience new memories together.

Hands painting a blue logo on a white piece of card

Just an idea to get you creating – paint or draw your own amazing design – to get you talking and sharing time together instead of just starting on a long blast of Netflix boxsets and to get you looking to the future.

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