Our Best Judy: Judy Andrews

For me creativity is a way of life so there’s no real distinction between creativity in or outside of work.”

Judy Andrews

Creative powerhouse Judy Andrews has taken her finely honed design skills to create a power-pop range of feel good posters, Zoom-ready statement jewellery and clothing. Her blog is becoming a must-read guide to the creative life – now she shares her world-view and top tips with CrafStory readers.

Tell us about how your amazing creative business began?

“I started my creative business as a side hustle, while I was Creative Director at a design agency in London, it was just before I gave birth to my son, I wanted a creative outlet that I had control over and kept me creating while on maternity leave. It was my aim to bring joy and positivity through my design work. I started off designing mini hand printed cards, hand printed lavender bags and hand painted jewellery..”

How did you came to jewellery as part of your brand?

“I love statement jewellery and love the confidence it gives me. I wanted to create bold iconic jewellery that was playful, but also grown-up, giving the wearer confidence. Some of my original designs were typographic, but I’m working on a new jewellery range which is more geometric, I’m still in the early stages of design.”

Which motivational print of yours do you think best represents you?

“Oh that’s a hard one, when I started writing and designing my motivational prints they helped to motivate and inspire me. In terms of the message, I think it’s ‘Live life in full colour’ I love the positive message and I’m a big colour fan! In terms of design I think it’s my latest ‘cool cool cool’ print, I like the colour combinations, the geometric pattern and fun nature of the print. I’ve also been told I say cool a lot!” 

When your job involves creative elements, does it change how you approach creativity outside of work? Does it make it more difficult?

“For me creativity is a way of life (another one of my quotes), so there’s no real distinction between creativity in or outside of work. I’m always thinking up new designs or phrases, or creative problem solving on projects I might have on in my design agency tickety boo creative. I think the only challenge I have sometimes is not switching off.

Do you have creativity outside of your two businesses? What form does it take?

At the moment I don’t have the time for any other creative ventures, but if I had time I’d love to sew and make or customise clothing for myself. I find sewing and making very therapeutic.

Do you think, for you, the building of the business is also part of your creative process?

Oh yes definitely, it’s all part of the part of the process, for both business I’ve had to work out my vision and purpose. Then I have built both brands around those visions. Brands are living things and creativity is a big part to keep them evolving. Also my favourite part of Tickety boo has been building the team, making sure I’m working with a variety of thinkers and creatives, who inspire me and each other.

How has motherhood impacted on your creativity?

Motherhood has had a really positive effect on my creativity, it was while on maternity leave I discovered my love for hand drawn typography. Being a mum also made me reassess my life and priorities, and gave clarity to what was important. I realised that it’s important for me to be happy so I can pass that positivity onto my son. I now love doing fun art projects with my little boy, luckily he loves drawing and making things and he inspires me every day.

What tips do you have for creative crafters looking to turn pro?

My advice would be threefold.
1) Work out your vision and purpose right from the start, it will help to give you clear direction and stop you wasting time, your brand will then be stronger for it.
2) Make sure you keep you keep personality, and let it shine through what you do and how you do it. An example from me is that on my first big important corporate meeting for Tickety Boo Creative, I took with my personal prints, they went down really well.
3) You need to be willing to work hard to make it happen, but it will be worth it.

Where can you find more Judy?

Ticketyboocreative.co.uk, Judyandrews.co.uk, Instagram: @judy_andrews_, Twitter:
@weareticketyboo and @andrews_judy

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